In Loving Memory

May 18, 2006 – July 2, 2020


Bailey, the oldest of the Mascots, came to the Longworth family in May 2006. She was one in a large litter of pups between two labs of a coworker. It was an accidental pregnancy, and the coworker didn’t know what to do with all of the puppies. These dogs needed to find good homes, and the Longworth’s were willing to provide one for Bailey. She grew up with the Longworth children and was always a smart girl, once even placing herself between a softball and the youngest child, Regan, to keep her from being hit. She loved to hang out with the family, and even in her older years, had the occasional notion to play some ball or tug of war. In true fashion of being the oldest, she was the “mother hen” to the rest of the pack! She is truly missed daily and will forever hold a legacy in our hearts.


May 11, 2010


Reesie, a yorkie-poo, came to the Longworth’s from middle TN as a very young puppy in June 2010. She was a much needed addition after the sudden loss of Bailey’s playmate, Lacie, when Bailey went through a tough bout of grieving. Initially, Bailey wasn’t too sure about her, but quickly came to love and accept Reesie. She loves to play, but loves cuddles more. She is known as the friendliest of the pack, drawn to anyone who will pay her attention.


July 19, 2010


Isabella, also called Izzy, could possibly be considered a “foster fail”. Adopted from a small breed rescue group, Izzy was to come to the Longworth house as a trial for fostering. Her puppy cuteness and her ease of fitting right into the pack, made her a keeper! She joined the family in October 2010, at approximately 3 months old and is believed to be a Chihuahua and long-haired Dachshund mix. Out of all the dogs, Izzy is more like a cat. She stays to herself, mostly. She isn’t big on cuddling or playing, just loves to snuggle into a corner and sleep. She and Bailey were big buddies and could often be found snuggling together.


December 2, 2011


Chloe, also known as Chloe Wiggleton, Chloe Wiggles, Moe or Precious, is the true owner of the house! Chloe was adopted from a large litter rescued by Monroe County Animal Shelter. Her photo was posted on Facebook, and the family fell in love. They showed up at the shelter by 7am the next morning and was third in line for the adoption. Chloe is a Chihuahua/Shihtzu mix, but often mistaken for a Papillon. In true Princess fashion, she is as picky as they come! She loves to play, loves to snuggle with her mommy and stays busy keeping the rest of the pack in line!! Though she really doesn’t enjoy the car ride, she does love to visit the office with her mom, and can often be found at Southern Legacy Realty!


August 10, 2012


Cali is a Brittany Spaniel and was labeled a failed hunting dog. She was rescued as a puppy. Cali is what one may consider high maintenance! She can be moody but does have her moments where she loves to play and/or snuggle. At times, she enjoys watching tv. She gets a little too aggressive with toys and takes off in running spurts! She loves to travel places, and often goes for visits. Her favorite hobby once was running from the front window to the back door as she watched the birds. She now lives on a farm and loves to play with the horses. She has some pretty telling facial expressions and gets along with the rest of the pack on most days.


November 7, 2014


Addie, also known as Addison, was rescued at the wee age of 14 hours old, along with her 9 litter mates. Unfortunately, one of those was lost in the first 24 hours, but the other 8 lived and grew to be healthy dogs. Each were bottle fed and raised by hand until they could substantiate life on their own. A trusting home was found for all 8 of the other pups, but when the Longworth’s couldn’t find a suitable home for the 9th, they kept Addie! Her breed has been guessed as a cross of Whippet, Miniature Grey Hound, or various other “hunting dogs”. Her family often wonders if there might be a little deer in there, as well! Addie loves to play almost as much as she loves to eat! She often thinks you should share your drink, and loves to snuggle in close at nighttime!


June 14, 2017


Finland, also known as Finn, is the only boy of all the dogs. He was rescued from a boat dock and brought to the home as a foster. Unfortunately, the person who was supposed to get him backed out. By this time, Finn had used his puppy dog eyes and polite manners, along with intelligence to win the family over. While he is a very smart boy, his personality is much like a toddler! He is ALWAYS up to something! Finn is playful and knows various tricks. He is believed to be a Lab/Great Dane mix, as he has many of both mannerisms. This biggest Great Dane mannerism – believing he is the size of a Chihuahua, while he’s really the size of a miniature horse! He’s extremely lovable, but would defend his family very quickly, as well. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily when in trouble, and usually runs to mom!


April 22, 2021


Taki, much like all the other mascots, was far from planned. He came to the family when Drew came upon him flopping in the middle of the road as a tiny kitten. He was injured but after Drew sought medical attention for his broken hip and got him off to a great start in life, the only question was to adopt him out or keep him as a member of the family. Taki being the smart kitty he is won Drew’s heart very quickly and became his “son”. As they say, “big things come in small packages” and that’s certainly the case with Taki’s attitude! He’s very energetic and his meows seem to sound much more like “croaks” rather than the typical kitty sound. He loves to have conversations, is very social, but really prefers to get to know someone first. His favorite hobbies are food and hunting bugs! We’re happy Taki joined our crew, even if he is a little different than the others!!